Getzen/Edwards “Dome” Rotor Insert


This new “Dome” insert was specifically designed for Getzen Custom Reserve tenor trombones and Edwards conventional rotor tenor and bass trombones.

The redesigned insert’s alloy, temper, and weight work together to greatly improve the trombone’s tonality, core, and response all while refining the trombone’s overall appearance.

Now standard on all new Getzen 4047ET & 4147IB Custom Reserve tenors as well as Edwards T350-CRE tenor and B454-CRE bass models, the new insert will fit older, existing models. An easy, drop in upgrade to your Getzen or Edwards trombone. Simply remove the ring, remove the existing insert, and replace it with the new “Dome” insert.

Getzen rotor insert features an engraved Old English, Getzen “G” and is designed to fit all 4047DS, 4047ET, and 4147IB models.

Edwards rotor insert features an engraved Edwards Thayer logo and is designed to fit all late model T350-CRE tenors and B454-CRE basses with two piece, ring/insert rotor cap.

Please note that the new dome insert is slightly thicker than the original Custom Reserve rotor insert. This additional thickness causes a small gap of less than 2mm between the bottom of the rotor ring and the rotor body when the ring is fully tightened. Rest assured, even with this gap, the ring and insert are fully seated and mated to the rotor. This same gap is present on new production model 4047ET, 4147IB, T350-CRE and B-454-CRE trombones with the dome insert and is the result of needing to add mass to the insert without adding mass to the ring.

*All returns subject to a 5% restocking fee*